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Steering Committee

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The SmartGrids European Technology Platform produced its Vision paper in 2006 and its Strategic Research Agenda in 2007. The draft Strategic Deployment Document was finalized beginning of 2010. These documents were internationally recognized and were instrumental in putting smart electricity grids on the political agenda in the world.

With the SET Plan focus on concrete projects to jump start the deployment of the SmartGrids, the main stakeholder groups in the Platform reviewed their terms of reference and structure in 2009. In particular, with the idea of adapting the Platform to a continuous changing environment, and being a catalytic meeting place, providing coordination and guidance to several European developments in parallel, rather than a structure to set detailed agendas for all the SmartGrids actors and initiatives. As a result of these last developments in the Platform and European resulted in a restructuring of the original internal organisation of the platform. The Advisory Council was formally dismissed. The working groups that were still active have been retained. The Mirror Group members decided to focus their work on other initiatives (ERA-NET SmartGrids, EEGI, etc). The Steering Committee substituted the previous Advisory Council and its Executive Group in taking the lead of the whole platform structure and setting the new programme of activities. This new structure has been established to support and lead the new role of the SmartGrids Platform. In the previous period (before mid-2009)  the ETP SmartGrids main role was setting the vision and strategy for Europe’s electricity networks of the future. From now on the role will be accompanying the deployment of this strategy and the updating of the strategic research agenda.

The structure of the Steering Committee is an executive group of individuals representing various groups of stakeholders: TSO, Electrical systems manufacturers, DSO, ICT service providers, Regulation Metering manufacturers, Centralized generation, Customer interaction and metering, Renewable generation, Industrial R&D, Users, Academic and governmental R&D.

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