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"The Digital Energy System 4.0" (2016)

The European Digital Single Market initiative will ensure that Europe's economy, industry and employment take advantage of digital technologies as a key driver for growth. All industrial sectors need to integrate these new technologies and manage the transition to a smart industrial society.

This report discusses use cases and opportunities of digitalization of the energy system.

"Progress and Challenges on Asset Management for Future Smart Grids" - ETP SG Working Group 1 report (2016)

The expected benefits associated to the innovation on asset management are huge and have the potential to take this important area to the next level, increasing the overall efficiency of the power system management and operation and helping network operators to take full advantage of the network assets in this digital era.

This report outlines the challenges that grid assets are facing.

"The need for a fundamental review of electricity networks reliability standards" - ETP SG Security And Resilience Task Force's white paper (2016)

The historical network reliability standards and practices require that network security is provided through network asset redundancy.

In this context, this paper sets out the case for a fundamental review of the philosophy of transmission and distribution network operation and design may be needed to inform the industry, consumers, regulators, policy makers, in order to facilitate a cost effective delivery of the EU energy policy objectives.

"National and Regional Smart Grids initiatives in Europe" - Cooperation opportunities among Europe's active platforms (May 2016, 2nd Ed.)

National and Regional Smart Grids initiatives (N/RTPs) with the focus on local conditions and the ETP as the key European forum in the SG sector, have supported each other in the past and will continue this fruitful cooperation. In the future, the voice of N/RTPs will be even stronger within the new European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) for Smart Grids and Storage that will succeed the ETP.

The active SG initiatives of these Member States present themselves in the second edition of this booklet

Thinking ahead Electricity network and electric vehicles - ETP SG views on the future integration of Electrical vehicles (2015)

This document presented at the International Symposium "Towards a Transatlantic E-Mobility Market" in Ispra, Italy past 28th of October 2015. It aims to contribute to the eponym debate about the electricity network and electric vehicles and the link with smart grids.

Consolidated view of the ETP SG (2015)

Consolidated view of the ETP Smartgrids on Research, Development and Demonstration needs in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017.

With the current document, the ETP SG intends to identify to the European Commission and other stakeholders those areas and topics considered of utmost importance to be researched and demonstrated during the years to come.

Overview of National and Regional Smartgrids Initiatives around Europe (April 2015, 1st Ed.)

This booklet presents the national and regional SmartGrids initiatives in Europe. It has three main objectives:

  • It provides an overview of the different profiles of SmartGrids initiatives in Europe, reflecting different challenges, approaches and solutions.
  • It presents an overview of ongoing activities and projects in the European SmartGrids area.
  • It serves as a guide for SmartGrids initiatives, allowing to compare the activities of the various EU platforms and to find links or common interests in order to facilitate transnational collaboration.

Strategic Research Agenda 2035 (2012)

The new SRA 2035 will serve as key input to the current EU Framework Programme, its successor Horizon 2020 and other SmartGrids research, development and demonstration initiatives both on national and European levels with the goal to advance the SmartGrids based European Energy System.

Available also the Strategic Research Agenda 2035 Priority topics summary document (2013).

Energy retailers perspective on the deployment of Smart Grids in Europe (2011)

This abstract provides an insight of the White Paper written by members of the Working Group Demand and Metering. It details the various aspects of the retailers’ position and the part Retailers can effectively play in the central functionalities enabled by the smart grid.

Note: Extender version of the document available here.

Strategic Deployment Document for Europe's electricity networks of the future (2010)

At the end of 2008, based on the contributions and discussions of many people in the EU Member States, the first draft of this Strategic Deployment Document (SDD) was released, under the Chairmanship of Pier Nabuurs CEO of N.V. KEMA. Today this document is formally finalized, and describes the priorities for the deployment of innovation in the electricity networks and the benefits that such innovation will deliver for all stakeholders. It also gives a timeline for deployment.

Strategic Research Agenda (2007)

The European Technology Platform SmartGrids has focused its efforts on the development of this Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The SRA is a reference and strategic document that consolidates the views of stakeholders on research priorities.

Together with the Vision paper it describes the main areas to be investigated, technical and non-technical, in the short-medium term in Europe. Since the SRA was publised, in 2007, then these documents have inspired several Research and Development programs within the EU and National institutions.

Vision and Strategy for European Electricity Networks of the Future (2006)

European electricity networks have provided the vital links between electricity producers and consumers with great success for many decades. The fundamental architecture of these networks has been developed to meet the needs of large, predominantly carbon-based generation technologies, located remotely from demand centres. The energy challenges that Europe is now facing are changing the electricity generation landscape.

This document was presented in April 2006.

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