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European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) has been working since 2008 to align individual research organisation R&D activities to the needs of the SET-Plan priorities, and to establish a joint programming framework at EU level.
EERA helps to optimise EU energy research capabilities through the sharing of national facilities and the joint realisation of Member State and European programmes. It also intends to accelerate the development of new low-carbon technologies.

For further information visit EERA website.

 EERA Joint Programmes

In a Joint Programme (JP) a research organisation join institutions in other European countries to work on shared priority setting and research projects.

The EERA JPs are aligned with the priorities for low carbon technologies defined in the SET-Plan. The aim of the EERA JPs is to gradually evolve into fully operational virtual research institutes. This will speed up the development of new low carbon technologies.

Several Joint Programmes have been established in a wide range of energy research fields.

Find further information about the EERA Joint Programmes.


EERA Joint Programme on Smart Grids

The Joint Programme on Smart Grids was officially launched at the SET Plan Conference in Madrid (3-4 June 2010). The JP aims at addressing in a medium- to long-term research perspective, one of the most critical areas directly relating to the effective acceleration of smart grid development and deployment.

For more information visit the EERA JP on SmartGrids site.


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